Yes, we do offer rehearsals. It helps all people involved to make sure how the system works and for our tech host what the requirements are.

For further information please have a look on the following page: Rehearsals

To make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with the system, we offer 2h rehearsal slots that can be booked via Interplan. The rehearsal will be given by one of our technicians and you will get detailed explanation about how the system works and you will be able to ask any questions you may have.
The rehearsals are meant for familiarizing with the platform and not for working on the presentation itself.

According to the rehearsal time, you can tell the speakers to dial in later., e.g. you have a rehearsal time of 1h you dial in at the beginning and tell your speakers to dial in 15 or 20 min later.

Yes it is. We would provide the file uncut as mp4 within 48hours.

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