Instructions for your session tools

To make your session more interactive and lively you have different options to include add-ons in your session:

  • Questions and Answers section
  • Polling section
  • Evaluation section

The Question and Answer tab is included in all packages.

Visitors of the congress will be able to ask questions using the Q&A box underneath the streamed video. These questions can be deleted, hidden or answered using the Q&A moderation page. All speakers and chairs receive an access link to their session probably around three days prior to the scheduled session with which they are also able to control the questions.
If needed, please request a separate moderation link for your company representative via Lisanne Leonhardt ( until 20 August.

1. Delete questions

If the “Delete” button is clicked, the question will be deleted and won’t be visible for the chair(s), speaker(s) or the audience and will not be retrievable anymore.

2. Hide & show questions

If the “Hide” button is clicked, the question will be hidden for the audience, but will still be visible for the chair(s) and speaker(s).
Once the “Hide” button has been clicked and the question has been hidden, the button will be replaced by a “Show” button, which will make the question visible again.

As a default setting all incoming questions will be hidden at first and can then be activated.

There is also the possibility of hiding/showing the question for all speakers:


3. Answer questions

If a company representative wants to answer the question in written, the “Write a comment” option underneath the question should be clicked.
This will show a box (into which the answer can be written) and a “Send” button (with which the answer can be send). The answer will be visible for the chair(s), speaker(s) and the audience.

4. Presenter View

All the buttons that can be used in the Moderator page can also be seen and used in the PresenterView.

1. Step: Handing in your questions

  1. Hand in Polling questions until 20 August to Lisanne Leonhardt ( in final version (no edits possible) using this excel file with exact: Session name – Date – Room for unified allocation of questions.
  2. Maximum of 10 questions per 2 hour session.
  3. Multiple choice questions with max. 5 answer possibilities
  4. Highlight correct answer, if applicable (This is the correct answer).

2. Step: Activation of questions

  1. Usually via our tech hosts or you get a moderation link on request, in order to start and stop polls whenever it suits you. We recommend to keep polls active at least for 2 – 5min due to stream delays.

3. Step: Audience view

  1. Questions will be embedded and visible, when activated via Moderation tool underneath the Player for the audience, as well as the results:

4. Step: Faculty View

  1. Questions and answers displayed for the Faculty in their faculty view (within the yellow frame):

In every package the standard evaluation form is included. Click here to have a look on the generic evaluation form. The results of these forms will be sent via export on the 23rd of october. This is how it will be integrated in the platform:

If you booked an individual evaluation form, please proceed as described below:

For one form a maximum of 10 questions can be handed in. The results will be shared as an excel export 72 hours after the evaluation was closed (exports are issued 23rd of october per default). Please hand in an evaluation form as a word document to Lisanne Leonhardt ( by 20 August following these rules:

1. Question types

  1. Multiple Choice: Mention correct answer, if applicable with „Is correct answer“ in brackets behind relating item
    e.g. Which was the key fact from speaker 1?
    not at all
  2. Full entry text:
    e.g. Please comment and leave your contact:
    Hello my name is Tony and I link the session very much. Please send me details to
  3. Rating:
    e.g. How did you like this evaluation? (1 =very good, 5 = very bad)
    1. Very good
    2. Good
    3. Ok
    4. Not good
    5. Very bad

2. Logo:

  1. You can add a logo on top of the evaluation form (hand in as png. or jpg.).

3. Audience view

  1. This is how it will be displayed online beneath your Live session (yellow frame) which leads audience by clicking on it to the form:

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