Your 3D Virtual Exhibition Booth

The EASD Virtual Meeting 2020 will include a Virtual Exhibition where you can present your company with a 3D booth. Depending on the booked package you have the possibility to choose from a selection of various modules or even integrate your individual stand design.

Option 1, Software Hyperfair (recommended): 

As we understood that the interaction with the delegates is a key factor of your
participation at the EASD Annual Meeting, we are proud to introduce a 
version of the exhibition platform that is offering a real virtual experience.
The implementation of avatars enables intuitive one-to-one communication
between your booth staff and the delegates. Furthermore, you will get your own
backend access to set up your booth individually with a great variety of predefined
templates/modules which offers great flexibility as you will be able to work on
your booth until about two weeks before the opening of the EASD Virtual Meeting 2020

Click here to watch a brief demonstration:


  • Modern usability as in a gaming software incl. avatars
  • Configuration by yourself with your personal backend login
  • Lead Retrieval possible by leaving digital business cards on the booth
  • Link to your own external virtual booth/world possible
  • Existing proven platform easy to manage with nice user experience



Due to short time it is not possible to implement your own stand design as in
Option 1. In 2021 however this would be possible.


Option 2:

This is the platform we presented at the virtual industry meeting and to which the packages
in the
Sales Prospectus are referring. It offers the opportunity to include your company own, individual 3D stand design with different clickable elements to provide the delegates with your informational
materials. Kindly note that we would need you
r final booth layout including all individual clickable and downloadable files until 20th August.

Click here to watch a brief demonstration:


You can use your own stand design / rendering


  • No options for interaction
  • No Lead Retrieval / business card exchange
  • No avatars
  • Set-up and configuration must be made by m-events (no personal configuration access
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