Fishbowl Session

The fishbowl consists of two circles. In the inner circle 8 people can participate (incl. one moderator and one expert). In the outer circle up to 20 seats are available. The outer circle is not directly engaged but can follow the discussion.

Delegates will not be able to enter the meeting room. As the software is Zoom delegates will get a pop-up window that all free places are occupied at the moment.

The host of the Zoom meeting has to invite s.o. to the inner circle/ throw s.o. out.

As many as you like, they can be linked underneath the live stream window of your session or placed as a meeting room in the company profile.

 Yes, you can use the fishbowl link behind a graphic or even book a hyperfair meeting room and use the link there.

It can be recorded. Please be aware that to you have to press the record button yourself. Our technical partner will extract the record after the session and provide you with a download link.

Price: 750€ per session

It is possible to book a calender function where you can define your available timeslots.

If the Fishbowl is hosted in your company profile it can be promotional.

We would appreciate if you informed us.

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