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Final Instructions: Click here to download the comprehensive final instructions with the most important infos at a glance.

Find out more on how to use an Avatar at EASD / Hyperfair 3D World in this video.

Important Information:

Scientific Programme:
The Industry  Symposia are now included in the online EASD2020 programme overview. Have a look here!

Marketing Material:
EASD VM Promotion / Marketing Kit for exhibitors available! Take advantage of the marketing material provided by the EASD. Check here!

Platforms opening dates:

Wednesday 16 Sept. and Thursday 17 Sept 08:30 – 18:00 – Book rehearsal slots for your Symposia with Prices are listed in the sales brochure.

Thursday 17 Sept., 08:00 am – Pre-opening for companies for stand briefing and familiarization with the  Hyperfair platform. All colleagues registered for exhibitor badges via Interplan will get early access. If you wish a guided briefing by Interplan contact

Friday 18 Sept., 08:00 am –  Soft-Pre-opening for Delegates to familiarize and create their personal profile, no access to Hyperfair or company profiles

Sunday 20 Sept., 12:00 noon – Full – Pre-opening for delegates to familiarize themselves with the VM platform. From that time on you can expect traffic on your company profile and in the 3 Hyperfair exhibition. 


Exhibition opening times for delegates:

In general the platform is open continuously for delegates from Sunday 20. Sept. 12:00 noon until Friday 25. Sept. 15:00.

The officially announced times when company staff can be expected on the booths is Monday 21. Sept. – Thursday 24. Sept. 09:00 – 17:00 and Friday 25. Sept. 09:00 – 15:00. 

On Sunday 20. Sept. the platform opens at 12:00 noon to allow a sneak preview and familiarization in the 3D world but we don’t expect too much traffic on that day. It is the companys decision whether to man the stand or not.


Platforms closing dates:

Friday 25 Sept., 15:00  – Hyperfair closes for delegates, the Virtual Meeting including Industry hub remains open for registered delegates.

Friday 02 Oct., 23:59 – Hyperfair 3D exhibition closes also for exhibitors. Make sure to export your analytic reports until then!

Friday 23 Oct., 23:59 – The EASD Virtual Meeting 2020 Platform closes completely. Scientific content remains accessible on-demand on the webpage. 

Dear Exhibitors and Sponsors,

Welcome to the EASD Virtual Meeting 2020 Industry Service Center. We are all very excited to enter this innovative new adventure with you.

You can find all FAQs and instructions regarding the EASD Virtual Meeting 2020 in the menu on the top of this page.

Find out on following pages how you can be part of this virtual event. There are many opportunities! Arrange an appointment with us by checking the calendar further up this page.

In case you should have any difficulties finding the required information, please contact us.

We wish you a smooth preparation of your participation and are looking forward to welcoming you in the web at the EASD Virtual Meeting 2020.

Lets do it!

Your Interplan Team
Oliver Heinke, Lisanne Leonhardt, Karin Seidel, Mandy Kühler, Nicole Pfirrmann and Laura-Christin Neitz

EASD2020 becomes a virtual congress: Announcement of the EASD president Prof. Stefano del Prato!

EASD2020-Sponsors Meeting: Presentation of the new Platform.

Project Management:
Oliver Heinke,, +49 89 54 82 34 39

Sponsoring, Advertising, Symposia and Meet-the-Expert session organisation:
Lisanne Leonhardt,, +49 89 54 82 34 746

Industry Sales:
Karin Seidel,, +49 89 54 82 34 40

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